First Veteran's Battalion was formed soon after America's Army was released in 2002; its membership was over 400 strong and was based around America's Army.  It has an active community that  keeps in touch through direct methods or using social media.

As America's Army declined some of 1VB members tried to expand into other games such as Battlefield 2.  Others wanted 1VB to become a support group, which included sending out care packages to soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today 1VB is again growing, it's members play a varity of games, including America's Army: Proving Grounds, The Division, Star Citizen, MechWarrior Online, Overwatch, World of Tanks, World of Warships, RPGs, card games, and a wide varioty of other games.

To become a regular member of First Veterans Battalion you need to be a veteran or active military and provide proof.  Spouses (Household 6), dependents, and friends of veteran’s can join by being sponsored as a affilated member.  All affilated members need to be sponsored by a regular member and are subject to the 1VB SOP.

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